Awesome Canadian dishes and where to find them


There are peculiar dishes which are peculiar to their geographic location. Although some dishes where as a result of migrants in those areas, the maiden dishes are still being passed down from generations to generations with their recipes and cookbooks.

The Canadian culinary contributions come from different indigenous family and foreign settlers who live in Canada. This contribution has been from ancient century old soups to recent deserts which will leave the taster wanting for more

In this article, excellent Canadian dishes and where they can be found is considered.


This is originally a paraded gem from French Canada. This dish is among the most defining Canadian dishes. With the rumored date of the invention being in the 1950s, real poutine must have properly curbs on fried with garnished peppery meat-based gravy.


You can find Poutine in big chain outlets like McDonald’s and other fries’ outlets typically serve poutine. There are also poutine celebrations that take place every year all over the country in celebration of the dish.

Canadian Bacon

Unlike neighboring known bacon, the Canadian bacon has its own almost different recipe. Canadian bacon comprises of lean pork loin that has gone through brining and rolling in cornmeal. Unlike regular bacon, this peculiar Canadian flavored bacon has been appreciated by the Canadian people.

Canadian Bacon

The Canadian bacon can be found in at the popular peameal bacon sandwich as the Carousel bakery likes to refer to it is one of the outlets in Canada the Canadian bacon can be gotten from. This is right at Toronto’s St. Lawrence market.


The BeaverTails is paraded as one of the best passed down Canadian dish. The recipe was passed down in the Graham Hooker linage. This had gone on for generations to generations up until 1978 when it became introduced to the wider audience. After a year pass, the first ever BeaverTails outlet was opened in Ottawa, and the treats have been patronized by the Canadian populace ever since.

The Beavertails is spread all over Canada, and it is popularly found at the Halifax’s waterfront.

Canadian Pizza

The Canadian pizza is a thin crust pizza with a creatively pronounced topping. This pizza style is quite exceptional and peculiar to the Canadian people as it does not follow the standard known pizza style. There are different known flavors of the Canadian pizza, there is the Cronenberg crash, and Wayne Gretzky.

Canadian Pizza

You can get the Canadian pizza at Ron Telesky’s place situated in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin.

There are other amazing dishes that are also peculiar to Canada. Dishes like the Butter tarts, Nanaimo Bars, split pea soup, Tourtiere and of course their most prized ingredient of all, the ketchup that goes with everything.

On a final note

The Canadian people and their dishes are all shades of creative. Their peculiar dishes are exquisite and not quickly forgotten. And the beauty of it all is the location at which these different dishes are served.