Traditional dishes to try out today

People visit various places for diverse reasons. There are diverse reasons to visit Canada. Be it to see tourist attractions like the lakes or to see Drake or Justin Bieber

Amazing Canadian restaurants that you should visit

Spread across the beautiful city of Canada are exquisite and amazing restaurants that you will love to visit. These establishments have systematically brought both local and international flavored cuisines to

Five сhefs you should know

Whether as a lover of food or not, it is not healthy to eat just anything when you find yourself hungry. Imagine being on a corporate date and eating junk;

Must-try cuisines for all gourmets

Depending on the region, the Canadian cuisine varies due to the influences of the people settled in the particular area of Canada. The three main cuisines initially recorded in Canada

Awesome Canadian dishes and where to find them

There are peculiar dishes which are peculiar to their geographic location. Although some dishes where as a result of migrants in those areas, the maiden dishes are still being passed